This is promising, and every attempt to frame AI politics in terms of a struggle between different interests, instead of a campaign to save the world, is extremely useful.

If you are interested, I have tried to sum up the political economy of AI copyright here: https://matteonebbiai.substack.com/p/three-ai-copyright-trade-offs

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A promising sketch of what sounds like a great project. I especially like focusing on the emerging political economy of cultural technologies as a way of pushing the bullshit artists and those trapped in old, worn out narratives to the side to ask questions about power. Two quotes for you:

"Artificial Intelligence assumes the past has the answer to the future’s questions." Jade E. Davis, The Other Side of Empathy, Duke Press, 2023.

“Asking whether AI can be conscious in exactly the same way that a human is, is similar to asking whether a submarine can swim.”

The Morphospace of Consciousness: Three Kinds of Complexity for Minds and Machines, Xerxes D. Arsiwalla, Ricard Solé, et al., NeuroSci 2023, 4(2), 79-102.

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This sounds great! Thanks.

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